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The Sea Battle Tumulus at Salamis revisited

Yannis Chairetakis
AURA vol. 2 (2019) 137-60

The discovery in 1884 of an inscription from the Imperial times that refers to the polyandrion of those who fell in the sea battle of Salamis in 480 BC prompted a large portion of the scientific community to take it for granted that the polyandrion was set up right after the sea battle. However, a more careful analysis of the archaeological data and of the literary sources undermines the unquestioned acceptance of that view. In the present paper, a critical approach to the ancient sources is adopted, as well as an overall assessment of the state of research and of the interpretations proposed for the area.


Citation: Y. Chairetakis. 2019. “The Sea Battle Tumulus at Salamis revisited.” AURA 2:137-60. 

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