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Μαρμάρινα και άλλα λίθινα αγγεία από τη Σπάρτη

Eir. Poupaki
AURA vol. 2 (2019) 219–44

This paper presents the fragments of unpublished marble vases from Laconia, dated from the Archaic to the Byzantine period, which were probably used as household, craft and ritual utensils. Several fragments studied belong to perirrhanteria and louteria, whereas a few fragments are associated with the preparation of the ritual sacrifices (kana, chernives etc.) or they were ritual vessels of the early Christian cult (perirrhanteria, phialae, chernives). Vases of everyday use have been studied, like mortars and holmoi, as well as household vessels, such as a podanipter. Most of the vases are carved in local marbles and limestones, but there are also some made of Parian marble, as well as several coarse vases for heavy duty carved in volcanic and plutonic rocks of unknown origin.


Citation: Eir. Poupaki. 2019. “Μαρμάρινα και άλλα λίθινα αγγεία από τη Σπάρτη.” AURA 2:219–44. 

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