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An archaeobotanical study of Alepotrypa Cave

Anaya Sarpaki
AURA vol. 2 (2019) 9–17

This presentation is centred in the study of the few samples of archaeobotanical material which have been
studied from the Neolithic Cave site of Alepotrypa in 1980. There is a need to incorporate this material
in the up-to-date archaeobotanical debate, which has come to light in Alepotrypa itself, as seen in the
recent monograph (Margaritis 2018), but, further, a dialogue which would include the Peloponnese but
also beyond it.



Citation: A. Sarpaki. 2019. “An archaeobotanical study of Alepotrypa Cave.” AURA 2:9–17. 

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